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May 12th – 14th 2021, Olomouc


Registration and deadlines

Practical Information

Contribution guidelines

We accept the following types of contributions:

  • Presentation of the results of an original empirical study
  • Presentation of an overview study
  • Essay
  • Design of a research project
  • Contribution from practice

Conference contributions can take the form of a lecture or poster. Information about the competition for the best student contribution can be found here.


  • Lecture time: 15 minutes per participant (8-10 min. presentation, 5 – 7 min. follow-up discussion).
  • The lecture is intended for a wide plenum of participants of up to 120 people.
  • Presentation will take place online via the Zoom application. It will be possible for lecturers to test the online presentation in advance.
  • Lecturers log in to the online room before the start of that section, to which their contribution was put in the programme.


  • The size of a poster is 90 x 120 cm (upright format). Instructions on how to prepare a poster here.
  • It is necessary to submit posters in electronic form to the e-mail address info.wop@upol.cz (until the 10th May 2021). During the conference, competition for the best poster will be held (both present and online).
  • Section schedules will be listed in the program.
  • During the poster section, authors are required to be logged in the online room, in order to interact with other conference participants.

Conference publications

1. Pre-Conference Proceedings of Abstracts

  • Book of abstracts, list of active participants
  • The abstracts of all lectures and posters received are going to be a part of the pre-conference proceedings of abstracts, that will be available to participants of the conference as a part of the conference materials obtained while registering.
  • Instructions for the abstract preparation here.

2. Reviewed Post-Conference Proceedings (Main Conference Publication)

  • Edited electronic reviewed proceedings paper in PDF format
  • The language of the proceedings is Czech, Slovak and English
  • The proceedings will be provided with an ISBN and will be reviewed to be indexed in Web of Science
  • Proceedings of previous conference years held in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic are indexed in the WoS database (2013, 2015-2019) or under review (2020)

Authors presenting original empirical studies (case studies included) and reviews are warmly invited to submit their contributions in the form of an article to the reviewed post-conference proceedings. Conditions of publication of the contribution in the proceedings are its submission within the deadline and adherence to the requirements put on psychological and scientific papers. Even for the qualitative studies, case studies and reviews, it is necessary to keep in mind, that those studies must be prepared according to the previously agreed and recognized methodology. For essays, proposals of the research projects and contributions from the practice, publication in the post-conference proceedings is not expected. If the contribution is of a significant importance to the field of work and organisational psychology, it is possible to arrange an exception with the members of the programme committee.

All provided contributions will be subjected to the peer review, that will be of a participative character. Especially in the case of new authors and authors that come from the practice, that have no experience with writing academic texts, the peer review will be focused on their support, so that the cooperation of authors and reviewers would lead to inclusion of the contributions to the proceedings.

  • Deadline for sending the text of the contribution (electronically): until 31st May 2021
  • Send the contribution to the conference e-mail address info.wop@upol.cz (you should receive the confirmation e-mail)

The extent of the contribution to the proceedings is 5-10 pages of text formatted according to the template (including headings, abstracts, tables, pictures and references). All submissions must be provided in MS Word format and formatted in accordance with the conference template.

Editors of the proceedings have the right, out of consideration for content or formal objections, not to accept the submitted text for publication in the reviewed proceedings. Published in proceedings will be only those contributions, that fall within the field of work and organization psychology or in related fields which have a clear benefit for a theory or practice, written in plain language that adhere to the formal requirements of the APA publication manual and the conference instructions and which do not contain material and methodological errors.

Editors also reserve the right not to post contributions submitted after the set deadline or contributions not modified as requested by reviewers and publishers within the specified deadline.