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May 12th – 14th 2021, Olomouc


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Practical Information


Dear participants of the conference, since the COVID-19 situation still remains complicated, it is difficult to foresee future development. That is why the conference will be held in the originally planned date, but online, via the Zoom application.

The 20th year of the International Conference of Work and Organizational Psychology from 12th to 14th of May 2021, with the subtitle being Innovation: research and application.

This anniversary year offers a great opportunity to look back at former achievements, to emphasize traditional topics, but also to address present and future challenges as well. Therefore, we dare to ask you, psychologists in practice, academics and researchers, to help us fill the programme with both traditional topics and challenges of the present situation. For standard oral presentations or posters, following thematic fields were defined:

  1. Diagnostic and analytic methods used in work, organizational and traffic psychology.
  2. Intervention and rehabilitation in work, organizational and traffic psychology.
  3. Cognitive work and organizational psychology.
  4. Forensic and penitentiary psychology, psychology in security forces.
  5. Team and organisation.
  6. Mobility, quality of life and climate change
  7. Psychological aspects of current forms of work in the context of COVID-19 (online, home office, …)

Programme and organisational committee also accepts submissions belonging to other areas and topics of work, organizational and traffic psychology.

Welcome are not only standard information about practise and contributions to present research, but also information about your new methods and tools. Mutual inspiration by successful innovations is one of the goals of the 20th year.

Besides the usual programme, round tables will be held. Those will be focused mainly on sharing of a good practice and of open questions in practice, which brings the conference back to its roots: exchange of the information between the practice and the academic field.

Last but not least, conference offers a possibility to attend workshops, which will be focused on a good practice and application of innovations, and also on innovations in the research and in the academic field. Workshops, that require a specific registration because of the limited number of participants, offer the opportunity to gain direct experience.

Publication output of the conference will be in the form of the already traditional proceedings, published online after the peer review. Proceedings of the Conference of Work and Organizational psychology are indexed in the Web of Science database since 2015 and a request for the indexation will be submitted for the year of 2021 as well.

We truly believe that the prepared programme will interest you enough that you will engage with your own contribution. Of course, also welcomed are those of you, who prefer to participate passively, without your own contribution.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

PhDr. Martin Seitl, Ph.D.

On behalf of the programme and organisational committee of the International Conference of Work and Organizational Psychology 2021


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