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May 12th – 14th 2021, Olomouc


Registration and deadlines

Practical Information


20th December 2021:

The proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Work and Organizational Psychology have been published. The publication can be downloaded from the Palacký University Press https://www.vydavatelstviupol.cz/en/978-80-244-6027-7 or from the conference website: https://ppao.upol.cz/en/archive/. We thank all authors of the papers for following the deadlines and being kind to the reviewers’ comments. We thank the reviewers for taking their time to provide feedback on the submitted papers.

8th November 2021:

The review process for the PPaO 2021 conference proceedings is closed. Thank you to all reviewers and authors for their cooperation!

1st September 2021:

The review of the submitted papers to the conference proceedings is coming to the end. Thank you to all of the authors and reviewers for their ongoing work!

14th May 2021:

The International conference PPaO2021 has ended. Thank you to all of the participants of the conference for the great atmosphere, contributions, discussion and ideas! The PPaO2022 conference will take place in Bratislava on 26th to 27th May 2022. 

18th April 2021:

Conference programme is here.

15th March 2021:

Deadline for the submission of abstract is extended to 21st March 2021. 

Organisational committee of the conference decided to carry out the planned meeting in the online space, via the Zoom application.

The conference will be held in the originally planned date. As a follow-up to the change of the form of organisation, registration fees were adjusted (here). The conference programme (invited lectures, round tables, workshops) will be adjusted according to the possibilities of invited lecturers. We are sorry, if it will not be possible to organize some parts of the previously announced programme.

All the participants registered to the conference will in advance obtain access and a simple explanation of how to log in to the conference. Active participants will have the possibility of trying their presentation online in advance.

18th December 2021:

Registration for the conference is now open.