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May 22nd – 23rd 2019, Brno


Registration and deadlines

Practical Information


2. 7. 2019

All manuscripts were sent to reviewers. The authors will be informed by 15. 9. 2019.

1. 6. 2019

We changed the deadline for submitting the manuscript to 10. 6. 2019. Please, send the manuscripts on the email  ppao2019brno@gmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email within a week.

23. 5. 2019

Conference is a history. Thank you for coming to Brno.

Please, send the contributions to conference proceedings by 31. 5. 2019 at the latest on the conference email ppao2019brno@gmail.com. Manuscripts sumbitted in time and formatted according to the contribution guidelines will be reviewed and considered for publishing.

The 19th International Conference on Work and Organizational Psychology will be organized by Slovak Prison and Court Guards Service and Slovak Academy of Science on 21. – 22. 5. 2020 close to Trenčianske Teplice.

21. 5. 2019

We fixed some typos and minor errors in programme and conference abstracts proceedings.

Because of serious family reasons, dr. Petr Houdek, one of the keynote speakers, can not attend the conference. Instead of him, dr. Štěpán Bahník will give the keynote lecture. Dr. Bahník is an economist and psychologist who focuses on decision making and choice experiments.

20. 5. 2019

The conference abstracts proceedings is online.

15. 5. 2019

The final conference programme is online.

3. 5. 2019

The first version of the conference programme is online. The final version will be available by 15th of May.
120 people are going to attend the conference.

25. 3. 2019

We are preparing the conference programme. The registration will start on 22nd of May at 9:00. The conference will be opened at 10:30 and closed on 23rd of May around 13:00.

15. 3. 2019

All abstracts that met the requirements were accepted. Participants were informed by email.

6. 3. 2019

The registration for active participation was closed.

13. 11. 2018

18th International Conference on Work and Organizational Psychology will be from 22nd of May to 23rd of May 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic at Masaryk University.